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ISO, 9001, ISO 14001

The Company management being aware of its liability towards quality and environment announces the present integrated policy with the following principles:

1. Our top priority is customer satisfaction as well as orientation at modern technology trends at orders planning and performance and the focus on safe environment and working conditions of employees not harming health.

2. High quality of all activities is the presumption for strengthening and constant improvement of our position on the domestic market and it gives the presumption for foreign activities development

3. Quality is the first and basic duty for which the company employees at all the management and executive positions are liable.

4. We commit ourselves to meet the requirements and permanently improve the integrated management system efficiency.

5. We involve our components and services suppliers into our integrated management system.

6. The company managers possess the required powers and organisational freedom to solve serious issues.

7. Permanent improvement of integrated management system is supported and ensured by active approach of employees at all the company levels.

8. Every employee represents the company and by his/her work and behaviour helps to build the company´s good repute and establish its position well among customers.

9. Care for social welfare, environment, working environment and occupational safety and health protection are part of the company´s development strategy. We use the education system to improve the awareness and knowledge in the area of integrated management system with the focus on risk prevention.

10. We will make our best effort to make use of waste materials as much as practicable by separated collection, recycling and we will liquidate the types of waste which cannot be recycled by environmentally friendly way.

11. By means of prevention the company management undertakes to prevent the environment pollution, to comply with the applicable environmental, legal and other requirements, to comply with applicable legal regulations and standards in the area of occupational safety and health protection.

12. We focus on occupational injuries, illnesses and accidents prevention.

In Trenčín, dated 26 March 2013 Illegible signature
Ing. Martin Holenda
Company Executive